August 21st, 2019

“Getting younger every year” would be the story of what the great people at Fitness Matters have helped me achieve. This is not just about being in better shape. It is about a better life. How did that happen for me? …I never played sports or wanted to invest time in being “in shape”. Well, as it turned out it was easy: about twice a week I show up at FM. I’m greeted by happy, friendly people, who love working with clients and with one another. You can sense it when you walk in. It’s not a gym. It’s not a clinic. Regularly, I see experts in personal training, Pilates, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Kinesthetic Awareness. After a surgery last year I saw physical therapists who are a part of the team. A key piece is that I discovered that I didn’t really know what “being in shape” meant –or felt like! Getting your muscles and nerves and breathing to work together can actually be fun, and man, does it make a difference to how I feel. For every year with FM, I’ve grown a year younger. Movement, posture, stamina, stability…everything is better –and keeps getting better. I didn’t believe it was possible for someone like me who hated to work out. I guess the difference, now, is that I get to spend an hour with people who really know what they are doing, people I like and respect, people who care about how I’m doing and progressing. So, they have me “working out,” without me actually realizing it. If a lazy, lethargic guy like me can do it, probably anyone can! Live longer…and live younger.