Patient Testimonials

  • Loved everything! You guys are the best. It starts with Kati doing a great job on the billing and scheduling as well as Kati being very welcoming as you arrive. The PT and the MAT is amazing and is really helping this 60 year old keep moving and stay active despite various injuries and physical problems. I like that you work as a team to try to help me (the patient) get well and stay well.Thank you!!

    M. S.

  • My therapist is friendly and took the time to get to know me. I thought the facilities were nice, clean, and comfortable. I appreciate the thorough reminder emails for each of my sessions. Also, I really like how the “homework” (exercises) are easy to follow and read. I can print off the sheet and have it in front of me while I’m doing my rehab. Overall I would definitely recommend this business to my friends and family.

    L. J.

  • The entire staff at Fitness Matters are knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and professional.

    A. G.

  • I worked with Holly at Fitness Matters after ankle surgery. Holly was amazing. She not only helped me to get moving after surgery but also gave excellent advice and showed me how to care for my incision site. She was a tremendous encouragement to me. Fitness Matters has a friendly and knowledgable staff. I highly recommend them.

    D. R.

  • Very professional staff well equip and clean facility.


  • Professionalism; effectiveness of all types of therapy.


  • Friendly, courteous people, who keep your health and fitness as a priority. Trainers who are attentive to your needs and concerns, aches and pains. I have always been treated as an individual with unique problems. My training and workout are individual and geared for me. You are people who seek answers to questions if they don’t immediately know the answers, who aren’t afraid to ask another trainer for advice. No one there has ever hurt me or aggravated my problems (and that has happened elsewhere). Thank you.


  • Professional and effective


  • Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.


  • Knowledgable staff who remain committed to ongoing learning / professional development.


  • Several family members and friends to whom I referred have all been very satisfied


  • Friendly, not crowded


  • The trainers (especially Jessica and Aaron, with whom we work) are very knowledgeable and cognizant of each patient’s limitations and areas that need to be improved. The facility itself is pleasant and well stocked with appropriate exercise equipment. The range of services (workout, MAT, Pilates, physical therapy) by staff with expertise is exceptional.


  • The small Pilates classes helps me feel like I’m more likely to do the exercises correctly because I can ask questions. I love the location because it’s so easy to get to and not in a busy area of town! The bathroom/changing rooms are awesome! The amenities provided in them have been a life saver sometimes. While I’ve never needed to use the showers I absolutely love the fact they are available!


  • Andrew is great. Everyone is friendly and genuinely interested in helping me feel better. Promptness of appointment time.


  • Very engaged and thorough


  • I like the results I’m getting in just one workout a week. I also like that I gain an understanding of what muscles are working and how to get the ones that are not working as they should to wake up and work! 🙂


  • I have found that the MAT therapy is about the only treatment I have tried that has worked on my neck and back. I have already recommended it to many people. Thanks for offering MAT!


  • Unusual level of skill and competence. Warm and friendly. Highly customized. Have already recommended three referrals.


  • knowledgeable, friendly, safe environment, quality of facility


  • I like that there are group activities and doing a single


  • Personal professional friendly


  • PT that I work with


  • Katie has been a pleasure to work with, and I am eager to learn more about additional services (Pilates).


  • Caring personal attention


  • One on one attention You did not rush Gentle start of exercises Different exercises Very private consultation and assesment


  • I was treated with kindness and respect as i I was nervous about my visit Katie put me right at ease and explained my options to me.


  • Easy to schedule online. You work with insurance companies and don’t overcharge. The therapist was friendly and actually cares about my health and well being.


  • The best-educated therapist I have ever experienced – very personable environment that is cheerful and clean. I would not wish to ever go anywhere else. I know Erin is very dedicated to my well-being.


  • Very personalized and knowledgeable staff


  • It is helping me feel better.


  • Friendly, knowledgable, comfortable


  • Everyone I have had the pleasure of interfacing with has been most pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. I was very appreciative at the quick response I got after reaching out via email with interest in exploring a training program at Fitness Matters.


  • i love Anne – she has a lot of great information and knowledge that I have never learned before about my condition


  • Friendly, attentive service


  • Ann made me feel very comfortable on my first visit. I am feeling a difference and having a little more control of my pain using the recommended exercises. I feel encouraged and hopeful. Thank you.


  • You are prompt, friendly, and courteous


  • Competence of staff and effectiveness


  • The care received was great. Andrew customized the treatment to me. I really did not need to know how it worked but just wanted to try to fix some leg problems. I am feeling better and it has been less than 24 hours since treatment. I will be doing my exercises to assist in the treatment. I will look forward to the next appointment as I know I am in good care.


  • Friendly Environment


  • Knowledgable staff who truly believe that Fitness Matters for clients of all ages.


  • Erin’s highly professional treatment, her concern about her patient, and her flexibility to adjust to my schedule.


  • Professional, pleasant, personable


  • Erin McGraw is very knowledgeable, encouraging and helpful.


  • very professional and thorough!


  • I feel the therapists and trainers are extremely well versed in their field and also show a personal interest in the clients’ needs.


  • I received a thorough assessment of my issues and body functions. Anne really listened and asked great questions to find multiple things to work on. She thought me about my body functions the whole time and gave me hope that there are solutions for my current challenges. It validated that I could benefit from PT.


  • New ideas about my injury — very friendly and really seemed interested in helping and being more creative and trying to find a solution


  • Travis was extremely patient and did a fantastic job explaining the process.


  • Friendly laid back attitude.


  • Great staff and personable.


  • Andrew was very clear in his communication of services and expected outcomes. This made it easy for me to be the same.


  • Anne was fantastic in making me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation


  • Took time for thorough evaluation. Stated plan, goals and followed up with email with exercises.


  • The personalized care and expertise in the area of women’s health is unmatched! Ann Guiest is a fabulous member of your team who’s tender care and understanding truly makes you feel at ease. She helped me to feel that I am not alone in my health issues and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She took extra time explaining everything and making sure I felt a part of my care plan! Thank you!


  • Friendly service at front desk. PT was very knowledgable, personable and helpful!


  • friendly, motivating, and straight forward


  • Ver personable


  • Knowledgeable therapists, high efficiency, lovely quarters, a very positive erxperience each and every time.


  • Dr Timminons


  • First impressions are important…the gal at the front desk does a great job. The facility is clean and comfortable. The restroom and showers…wow! There seems to be a lot of equipment, and the atmosphere seemed relaxed and calming. Holly was great. Thanks!


  • I was greeted warmly and Jamie was welcoming and a pleasure to work with.


  • I feel I finally got the proper evaluation of my condition and a plan to fix it by Holly!


  • I love how personalized your services are, and how knowledgeable my therapist Holly is. I have had physical therapy in the past at a different place and did not have a good experience. From now on all of my physical therapy and training needs will be from Fitness Matters. In one session Holly had me back on my feet on the tennis court much more comfortably. I trust her judgement and skills. Very happy customer and would highly recommend working with the staff at Fitness Matters.


  • Staff is very friendly and works with you to fix your problems.


  • Personalized, individual attention


  • The people there are friendly and the therapists want to answer your questions. The phone system could be better, but I could not be happier with my progress.


  • The variety of services offered. Easy access to your location. Nice, current, clean facility. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.


  • I have only been to one appointment but Anne seems to think she can help me. Sure hope she can help me in the future with my issues! She is caring and confident she can help! I have appointment set up for once a week for next 3 weeks!


  • Detailed, friendly, caring, can tell therapist enjoys her work.


  • Friendly from the beginnibg to compassionate at the end. Very professional all the way through the experience.


  • Travis is knowledgeable, thorough, kind, listens and offers at home exercises to complete treatment.


  • Close, familiar, friendly…and got the job on two prior occasions.


  • Have only had an initial consultation, but liked that seemed knowledgeable, willing to work with my limitations and educate me on what would be best.


  • The professional approach, thoroughness and working knowledge and understanding of my issue.


  • Very professional, friendly, smart and organized.


  • Travis Timmons is a talented and conscientious clinician. I have seen him for both shoulder and neck pain. I have greatly benefitted from his therapeutic interventions and recommended home exercises. He is wonderful! The facility is conveniently located from a variety of locations ( my home, office, and the greater Cols area) and is always clean and the training room is easily navigable.


  • Competence


  • They work. I feel much better.


  • The time and explanation of each exercise given was great. Everything done during the session was worked through with the client in mind. Always checking our comfort level. Everyone is very knowledgable and competent.


  • Everyone in the initial process was very friendly & helpful. Anne, the PT, conducted a thorough assessment & determined a plan of action specific to my needs. I am optimistic about great results!


  • I met with Andrew and he was excellent!


  • Professional, compassionate personal service tailored to individual needs.


  • I like my physical therapist and how they go at my pace and go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable.


  • Easy to make appointments, nice facilities, Holly is the best! She is extremely attentive, patient and knowledgeable. She spends time with adjusting alignment and addressing muscle tightness and imbalance. I would never go to anyone else!


  • Travis is extremely professional and patient. Facility is inviting and easily accessible from highway.


  • Travis made it very comfortable, took time to explain things to me and asked me a lot of questions. He did not seem rushed. I got a lot of good tips on my recovery.


  • Anne G. is wonderful


  • I like your thoroughness, having knowledgeable staff to take care of orthopedic needs and personal training issues as well. And for me, the piece d’resistance, is that Travis and I hope the rest of the staff are believers. To me that means sharing and caring for each other as God would have us do.


  • I was impressed the minute I walked into your office. Jennie not only greeted me with a warm and gracious smile but both times I needed to make appointments she worked with me patiently until I was scheduled. Travis has been positive. professional and reassuring as I navigate my recovery from what has personally been an involved surgery.At this point I feel like Humpty Dumpty, but after meeting with Travis on 5/25, I feel that he will try to put “All” of me back together again!! Sincerely


  • Professional, friendly, obbiously committed to fixing the problem.


  • Professionalism of the staff. Genuine caring. Great knowledge


  • Personalized


  • What I like about Fitness Matters is all the quality people who work there and their work ethics combined with their indivudual expertise! They are to be commended!


  • Anne is a rare talent!


  • The knowledge and explanation as to why we were doing each exercise and what it may help.


  • Professionalism, expertise, friendly, relaxed & clean up to date facility ~ very much appreciated!


  • Professional and friendly


  • The therapist was very easy to work with. We weren’t kept waiting and the surroundings were nice.


  • Therapist (Susan ) is with me the entire time, and assures I am doing the exercises properly. She is very knowledgeable, selecting movements that pinpoint areas requiring attention.


  • Friendly, personable and effective


  • My therapist is friendly and took the time to get to know me. I thought the facilities were nice, clean, and comfortable. I appreciate the thorough reminder emails for each of my sessions. Also, I really like how the “homework” (exercises) are easy to follow and read. I can print off the sheet and have it in front of me while I’m doing my rehab. Overall I would definitely recommend this business to my friends and family.


  • The people, their knowledge and professionalism


  • Already have, and will again in the future


  • You offer a therapist that understands how to help a client with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. And she uses Dr. Muldowny’s book!


  • Patient and thoroughness


  • Everyone seemed to pay special attention to me and my situation.


  • Anne was fantastic


  • Professional, personal and very informative service. All of the staff is wonderful!


  • My trainer listed to my concerns and took interest in my well being.


  • Very caring staff


  • I felt like Holly was very thorough. She listened and made sure to understand my concerns and goals.


  • Personable trainers and staff


  • Fitness Matters is accommodating, friendly, and optimistic.


  • Knowledgeable, personable, wholistic approach that you as a client are able to apply after sessions


  • Everyone I met with was very nice. I liked that I was referred to the proper therapist immediately. I was able to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and get set up on an exercise program.


  • Very effective therapy and the staff is wonderful.


  • Everyone is extremely courteous and professional.


  • Seems very welcoming and personal. It’s a vast difference from getting physical therapy from a corporate office.


  • Professional, Great Communication


  • Fitness Matters tailors its services to my individual needs.


  • The people are friendly, knowledgeable, and the results are positive encompassing every part of the body that may need help to regain a normal way of moving.


  • Super friendly, knowledgable, approachable and honest.


  • the personal attention focused on the needs of the client/patient/customer


  • Andrew O’Neill is very good! With regular MAT treatments I have been able to stave off worse pain.


  • I like the ease of scheduling, the fact the people follow up with you even sending you your exercises on line, the competency of the individuals who work there and the fact they care about their patients so much.


  • Andrew’s a consistent and observant trainer. I owe him my fitness!


  • I have so far only had one appointment so I cannot give a very informed opinion at this point. I met with Ann for pelvic floor dysfunction and she was absolutely wonderful! She took a lot of time with me and seemed extremely knowledgeable. Really hoping she can help me with my problem.


  • attentiveness to patient’s physical issues to improve function


  • everyone was very friendly and helpful. I felt really comfortable with Holly


  • Everything. Facility, staff, ease of use, location.


  • Personal attention, friendly staff, professionalism.


  • Holly Critchley. She is compassionate, enthusiastic, motivating, dedicated and focused. I know that I’m in good hands and that she will help me recover well and be back to the activities I love after a really invasive and involved foot surgery. It’s clear that she has a good working relationship with my doctor (Dr. Berlet) which also inspires confidence.


  • The professional staff is very good and friendly


  • Compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, precise, warm and accommodating.


  • The staff is nice, friendly and very helpful. The PT is wonderful. The exercises I was given in the first day have proven amazing and I already see positive improvements to my walking. Thank you!


  • Susan was exceptional in quickly grasping an understanding of my condition.


  • The one-on-one care I received and the attention to my needs. My PT consulted with another PT to offer additional recommendations for my issues. Client care is excellent. The commitment to the patient is wonderful.


  • Professional and knowledgeable


  • Ann was so thorough and professional


  • Annie was exceptionally careful, complete, caring and considerate! I am better already.


  • Everything. Since I walked through your door to check out the facilities, i was treated as an important customer and each person I met was kind and interesting in helping. There is simply no other place that I would go for therapy.


  • Personable and constructive


  • First of all, Ann Guist exceeds the role of a physical therapist. The location is good, times are also conducive to me. Everyone is friendly! The equipment is excellent!


  • Friendliness, knowledgeable, dynamic personalities & looking forward to my sessions.


  • Personalized programs and outstanding staff!


  • Personal Service Caring Staff


  • The staff is very knowledgeable and are willing to help whenever necessary.


  • Very knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, fun


  • My physical therapist was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me in a way I could understand.


  • I apologize I hit the wrong key! I’d like to finish. Everyone I encountered from the front desk to other staff were friendly. I felt very welcomed. Much appreciative.


  • We were warmly greeted at the reception desk. Travis was very professional and skilled. Our first session was informative and he did a very good job of developing a program for me to follow. Looking forward to continued great service and improvement for my foot problems.


  • Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.


  • Staff was friendly and helpful. Staff explained my symptoms and workout plans clearly. Bathrooms and client rooms were clean.


  • Personal one on one attenion


  • Professional and knowledgable …


  • Friendly, comfortable environment. My instructor was each to work with, encouraging/supportive, and sensitive to my personal body mechanics and made adjustments to ensure my success.


  • Pleasant, efficient, clean most importantly, knowledgeable


  • MAT is an amazing innovative and yet common sense way of addressing joint and muscle pain issues. Plus it works!


  • Everyone was so friendly and I felt part of a family not a service! Travis pointed out a problem I thought was normal for me and so happy he will try to get rid of my headaches.


  • Professional, friendly staff and their interest in healing and making you feel better.


  • Professional demeanor and genuine care/passion for service.


  • Kyle is great! Always a challenging workout.


  • Very professional, friendly, staff, great fascilities.


  • Professional care given by a knowledgeable and skilled staff.


  • Therapists are great and the facility is immaculate


  • Dealing with knowledgeable people that are dedicated to their profession.


  • Customized care from experts who are authentically invested in your recovery and physical maintenance programs. This team is amazing and I will continue to recommend them.


  • Kind, not judging, caring, professional, educated, dedicated staff. Also appreciate that appointments are on time.




  • Knowledgeable, professional, personal. All of staff work together for the benefit of the client!


  • Very knowledgeable and professional staff. I think they have really helped me out a lot!


  • It is a full service. One can do rehabilitation and then move to exercise training. This allows for integrated service between excellent training and therapy people. It allows them to compare notes, and form a workable plan. Without doubt all the staff people are wonderful to work with. They have compassion, and the ability to motivate people. I have watched their interaction with older person’s, and they do a wonderful job inspiring them to move on. It is truly great experience. I also feel like being apart of the organization, like family.


  • Professional personal service. Knowledgeable therapists and trainers.


  • Love the personal attention to my needs and professionalism!!!


  • Personal. Pleasant. Caring. Knowledgeable. From Katie and Jessica welcoming you at the door through the final PT exercise or MAT movement, the experience is excellent and the results have been fantastic!


  • Every one listens to you and they share with each other. A lot of different experts


  • I have been referred to Fitness Matters for issues with my neck and also for my bout of siatica. Both times the PT given helped me manage my pain and strengthen those areas. Susan and Ann are very caring and show real empathy for the discomfort I was having and I feel because of their instruction i have the tools needed to help me. Thank you.


  • I liked that the physical therapist worked one-on-one with me and not other clients at the same time. Being trained in manual techniques helped very much as well. My PT also treated me like a friend.


  • Highly skilled professionals, friendly atmosphere.


  • Very thorough and informative about what is being done and why. I felt so much better when I left and my pain has been significantly reduced. Concern that I was comfortable and not experiencing pain throughout the procedure.


  • Very attentive to my needs. Kyle is an excellent trainer.


  • Competent and affordable care.


  • I leave feeling better, less pain and more flexibility, then when I got there.


  • Enjoyed my session with Kyle! Very energetic.


  • Knowledgeable, educated, kind and caring staff.


  • Staff is very knowledgeable.


  • Everyone is amazing! Always friendly and happy to see me! They work as a team and consult each other if the approach they are taking is not working. From the first day, I felt welcomed and cared for. They will do what it takes to help you and address your situation. Awesome group of professionals!


  • Excellent customer service and trainers who are professional and give expert attention to the customer.


  • Customized. Listens to my concerns as well as my goals.


  • Aaron. Holly. Katy! People who listen. People who are skilled and caring.


  • Everything! Staff is super knowledgeable and kind. Facility is vet clean. Large variety of services.


  • So fsr – everything! I have been warmly welcomed and helped efficiently by the front desk and couldn’t be happier with my new trainer, I look forward to continuing my work there.


  • Well trained, professional and personable staff. Friendly and wholesome atmosphere. Staff works as team and not competitive with each other. Very individualized and appropriate programs for clients’ improvement.


  • The staff is very professional, well informed and friendly.


  • Andrew O’Neil’s MAT service has helped me with pain several times over more than a decade. The facility is clean and staff pleasant.


  • I love the staff. I feel like everyone cares about me and wants success.


  • Your facility has instructors who are focused on women’s rehabilitation, specifically post partum rehabilitation. Anne Guist and Lisa Leibow are incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and skilled in their respective areas of expertise. Post partum recovery is an area that I didn’t even know existed and it is so important for the mothers to heal physically in order to help her take care of herself and therefore help take care of her baby.


  • There is nothing I don’t like. Staff members that I use are so great. They make me feel like a really great friend. They are caring but so knowledgeable and professional. I love that I can get the various levels of service all from the same caring group. Don’t change a thing and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me!


  • The people who work with me (Travis- PT & Kerry -Pilates instructor) listen carefully, answers questions thoroughly, and devises a program that is specific to my needs.


  • Staff is friendly, competent and acomidates my schedule.


  • You understand how to work with an train aging adults.


  • Everything. You guys are the best. It starts with Kati being very welcoming as you arrive, and Kati doing a great job on the billing and scheduling as well. The PT and the MAT is amazing and is really helping this 60 year old keep moving and staying active despite various injuries and physical problems. I like that you work as a team to try to help me (the patient) get well and stay well. Thank you!!


  • I appreciate the coordinated efforts of the staff to meet a person’s particular needs. The studio has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for training and therapy while remaining professional.


  • Professionals through and through; lovely ambiance; atmosphere of caring; friendly, genuine; but most important – convenient to my house!!


  • I like about everything! The personalization of services and one-on-one PT assistance is invaluable. The PT I work with (Susan Greenwood) is truly fantastic! She is very knowledgeable and understands movement and how to make people better. She is by far the best PT I have ever seen (and I have seen MANY — MANY more than most people due to stroke of a family member and other health problems in the family). Susan not only taught me how to properly do the exercises to get better — she also taught be how to stay better with exercise! I am so grateful because Susan did all this for me after 2 surgeons (including one at Cleveland Clinic) recommended surgery which I desperately did not want to have since recovery would have been so extended (over 1 year). Now, I feel fine and my doctor agreed, I can skip the surgery! You are very lucky to have Susan at your facility! Beyond that, Susan and the entire staff are very kind and understanding. Everyone is friendly and scheduling is easy. Your Admin. folks are great too. I am also a fan of Strivehub which really helps keep me on track.


  • Personalized Expertise Experienced Friendly Individualized


  • Everyone I have worked with at FM is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I highly recommend them.


  • “Getting younger every year” would be the story of what the great people at Fitness Matters have helped me achieve. This is not just about being in better shape. It is about a better life. How did that happen for me? …I never played sports or wanted to invest time in being “in shape”. Well, as it turned out it was easy: about twice a week I show up at FM. I’m greeted by happy, friendly people, who love working with clients and with one another. You can sense it when you walk in. It’s not a gym. It’s not a clinic. Regularly, I see experts in personal training, Pilates, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Kinesthetic Awareness. After a surgery last year I saw physical therapists who are a part of the team. A key piece is that I discovered that I didn’t really know what “being in shape” meant –or felt like! Getting your muscles and nerves and breathing to work together can actually be fun, and man, does it make a difference to how I feel. For every year with FM, I’ve grown a year younger. Movement, posture, stamina, stability…everything is better –and keeps getting better. I didn’t believe it was possible for someone like me who hated to work out. I guess the difference, now, is that I get to spend an hour with people who really know what they are doing, people I like and respect, people who care about how I’m doing and progressing. So, they have me “working out,” without me actually realizing it. If a lazy, lethargic guy like me can do it, probably anyone can! Live longer…and live younger.


  • Level of knowledge, excellence and especially listening and caring exhibited.


  • You understand how to work with an train aging adults.


  • Everything. You guys are the best. It starts with Kati being very welcoming as you arrive, and Kati doing a great job on the billing and scheduling as well. The PT and the MAT is amazing and is really helping this 60 year old keep moving and staying active despite various injuries and physical problems. I like that you work as a team to try to help me (the patient) get well and stay well. Thank you!!


  • I have been a patient at Fitness Matters two times for different issues. I have enjoyed working with Susan and the other therapists as needed. Everyone has been great and very focused on helping me. Katie at the front desk is always pleasant and helpful too. I will definitely recommend Fitness Matters to my friends.


  • Everything. The fitness and physical therapy people interact in planning what I need, which is so helpful. Plus, the overall ambience is so nice- everybody clearly likes each other and is very happy to be working there with each other. The people I have worked with have been excellant- several of the physical therapists. And Kyle, who is so good at telling me exactly, in detail, how to do each exercise. I have had fitness instructors before, but they were nowhere near as good as he is. I hope everybody will continue to work there in the future!


  • Friendly staff and Andrew O’Neill is the best at what he does with MAT.


  • I always get a good ,comprehensive workout with consideration for my age.


  • I love my Pilates class with Kerry. I feel less achy and more toned and have muscle strength than before I started my weekly classes. I’ve also gone there for physical therapy after knee surgery with Susan and it was very effective too. The staff is wonderful, very knowledgeable and friendly.


  • Everything. The fitness and physical therapy people interact in planning what I need, which is so helpful. Plus, the overall ambience is so nice- everybody clearly likes each other and is very happy to be working there with each other. The people I have worked with have been excellant- several of the physical therapists. And Kyle, who is so good at telling me exactly, in detail, how to do each exercise. I have had fitness instructors before, but they were nowhere near as good as he is. I hope everybody will continue to work there in the future!


  • Everyone listens and gives great feedback.


  • I always get a good ,comprehensive workout with consideration for my age.


  • Personalized training and exercise that fits me. And most importantly results I have seen results and I like The new me


  • Expertise of staff.


  • My trainer Kyle is exceptional


  • Fitness Matters is the best place for PT and MAT services. The people who work there are great and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend to all my friends and family!


  • Professional and trustworthy.


  • Very knowledgeable staff!


  • Excellent knowledge base and a thorough evaluation. Improvement of my range of motion on my first appointment.


  • Professionalism, accommodating each person’s strengths & working with each person’s limitations. Travis, the owner, is one class act too!


  • The people I had contact with were all polite and knowledgeable. Andrew O’Neil was very through in explaining what was causing my problems and what could be done to correct it. The location was easy to access and the facility was clean and comfortable.


  • It’s independent from a specific medical affiliation, and the therapists truly care about the patient individually. They are not afraid to say something isn’t working, lets try something different. it gives the client hope!


  • I appreciate everyone working together to help me heal and grow stronger.


  • Kerry is an incredible pilates instructor. I’ve had several, but none as knowledgable or concerned with each individual’s needs.


  • Holly, Andrew, Travis, and the whole team at Fitness Matters are great! Thanks for your care!


  • The staff are so nice to work with and the facilities are top notch!


  • Services are personalized and well informed – and everyone who works there is NICE!


  • How well everything was explained , also Immediate results that I could tell on my first visit.


  • Everyone is very professional. Andrew explains exactly what he is doing, and it seems to be working!