Muscle Activation Techniques

Little by little “strong muscles get stronger and weak muscles to get weaker.” And at some point, the stronger muscles are taking on too much. They are “compensating” for weak muscles. That leads to imbalances in posture, lack of strength, muscle tightness, and limited ranges of motion. Ultimately, pain, injury, and dysfunctional mind/body connections occur.

The MAT process stimulates muscle and nerves at weak points in the body so they re-engage. The MAT specialist carefully applies pressure with fingers at very specific locations on the body. (No electrodes or machines are used to activate the mind/body proprioception.)

When muscles are properly balanced, they fire reliably. Joints become more stable and injuries are prevented. Your exercise and life can be pain-free. Contact Fitness Matters today!

What to expect on your first visit

Typically, you will be able to see and feel an increased range of motion and decreased pain/tightness even with just one session. The first MAT session always includes a conversation about your history including orthopedic issues, a muscular assessment, and the application of MAT.

Because MAT does not force change on the body several sessions are recommended to solve the range of motion limitations and to eliminate tightness by increasing and individual muscles’ ability to contract and to stabilize joints. For more details contact Fitness Matters at Columbus and Pickerington, OH.