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Andrew O'Neil

Andrew O’Neil , Muscle Activation Specialist

I have been in the fitness and wellness industry since 1998. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University in 2000 and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from The University of Georgia in 2002. I’m also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Certified Specialist.​

I utilize Muscle Activation to find the root cause of neuromuscular discomfort and pain rather than focusing on the symptom. Too often, in conventional settings, the focus of getting you better is spent on WHERE you are experiencing discomfort. This approach can be misleading and the question I seek to answer with MAT is WHY are you experiencing discomfort. My approach to answering this question comes down to following principles that I believe in: I acknowledge that the body can only move us with, and reacts to, what it has available. I respect compensation until the cause has been identified. I recognize that exercise can reinforce compensation and cause dysfunction. I address range of motion limitations, not pain or tightness, to identify inactive muscles and restore their ability to contract more efficiently. I restore their normal neural function and increase muscle contractile capability through palpation and isometrics. By activating “unavailable” muscles (dysfunction), the tight,painful muscles (symptom) are able to relax, thus diminishing or eliminating your discomfort.