Our Team

Aaron Graves

Aaron Graves , Personal Trainer

I began my journey with Fitness Matters in 2000. After completing my Bachelors Degree from Bowling Green State University in Kinesiology, I began the process of continuing education by completing the Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) program. I utilize these physics and biomechanical principles each and everyday by guiding clients through exercises that are designed to help gain function and help them live life.

I have been passionate about fitness since my childhood when I was first exposed to stregth training. As life moved forward my passion turned into a wonderful opportunity at Fitness Matters where I am able to truly help people in need of reaching a better state of wellness.

I evaluate individuals function on a multitude of levels then implement appropriate movement patterns designed to meet the needs of each client. Applying forces in appropraite and unique patterns, the client feels a unique experiance while providing them the strength they need to reach their fitness and wellness goals.