Core Centering & Movement for Stress Management

Are you concerned about what is going on in the world? 

Are you concerned about what is going on in your body?

Are you curious about how to take back control as stress seems to be taking over you? 

Have you ever considered QiGong or Tai Chi for improving your health?

QiGong is basically energy medicine.  People started using it for its health benefits over 5,000 years ago.  It is a self-care practice that focuses on 4 elements: breathing, movement, meditation and self-massage.

The Chinese word Qi is energy…well, it is more than energy but this is the easiest way to describe it.  It is also the same word for breath.  The Chinese word Gong means work or practice.  So, QiGong is the practice of building and moving energy or breath…all for improving our physiological processes. 

Research has proven that this practice does many great things for our bodies. These benefits include:

“…bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, physical function, falls prevention and balance, general quality of life, immunity, and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and self-efficacy”                (Am J Health Promot.2010 JUL-AUG; 24(6):e1-25)

Core Centering Practice is a type of Qigong that focuses on balancing your autonomic nervous system for stress management.  It is a more active combination of movement patterns and self-care techniques that would benefit those with a more active lifestyle.

Come, join me weekly from the comfort of your own home on our Zoom platform.  If this is your first time in one of our classes, we recommend you start with the Qigong Fundamental webinar to learn the basic principles before starting. 

Still have questions?  Email me (  I would love for you to discover what I have found to be an important missing link in my own self-care!

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