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From an early age parents teach children about willpower.  And, of course, willpower plays an important role in our lives and in our society –causing us to control our reactions and impulsiveness.

However, willpower too often falls into the category of “if a little is good, a lot must be great.”  We are bombarded with messages that tell us to believe that if we can’t do something by ourselves then it must be because we are weak and undeserving.

That is not true.

In fact, research shows that willpower is a limited resource.  Sure, a handful of individuals seem to be able to will/force themselves to go above and beyond normal limits.  For most of us, though, researchers found there is a limited, even daily amount of willpower available to us.

First, you don’t have to work on your fitness by yourself. In fact, working on it by yourself can actually cause you harm.

Second, we can remove the stress and confusion of knowing what exercises to do, which ones not to do, how to do them, how often to do them, when to change them, and how to adapt exercises to your needs and how to work around injuries.

Third, because of our comfortable environment and caring approach, you can actually relax and enjoy yourself.  You won’t have to “will” yourself to become more and more fit, you’ll look forward to it.

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