Wellness Services

If you want a thoughtful and appropriate health and fitness plan, then you want to work with people who are passionate about fitness and about learning. That’s us! We stay up-to-date on the latest research/knowledge – well beyond what we learned while receiving our academic degrees and specialized certifications.

Deep knowledge of the human body is the foundation of everything we do at Fitness Matters. We know the role of every muscle, and we know about the communication between the brain and the muscles. We know about the impact of forces within the body – and what that means to you, a unique individual.

What to expect from Wellness Service at Fitness Matters

We are not a gym. So, we will not “boot-camp you into shape.” In fact, we put safety first – so your fitness expert (personal trainer, physical therapist, pilates instructor) will do an assessment of your orthopedic readiness, your exercise history, and your exercise routines. Because what you want to achieve with your health and fitness becomes our driving force behind your exercise program design.

At every visit, your trainer will carefully observe your capabilities, muscle strength and any weaknesses. We will assess the range of motion capabilities and will pay serious attention to the safety of each and every movement during your workout. That means you’ll be working on the right activities so you can make progress quickly and safely.

Columbus, OH Wellness Services at Fitness Matters

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