Rolling for Relief – Body rolling with therapy balls for at home relief

Special Guest instructor – Suzi Wilkoff

Join us for a one time only – Yamuna Body Rolling workshop at Fitness Matters! This is a great way to work on tight and painful areas related to musculoskeletal pain. Learn how to use a ball to address soft tissue and fascial restrictions in your body. You will leave the class with easy and quick at home tools that increase pliability and blood flow to soft tissues.   This workshop will be custom crafted with class participants’ needs in mind. It will also include a full spinal opening series that helps open the upper back and neck. The class is suitable for people that can easily be on the floor. A video recording will be provided. 

The workshop is scheduled for December 6th @ 2-4pm at our Worthington location. The cost for the class is $45 a person. This class will be limited to 6 participants. To learn more about this class visit

  • Wear yoga, sweat pants or exercise clothing. Nothing too terribly loose. It gets caught in the ball. Layers are good. You will get hot and cool.
  • Bring a large bath towel, beach towel or Yoga blanket.
  • Bring 2 Yoga Blocks and a Yoga Bolster. If you do not have one they will be provided. 
  • All therapy balls will be provided. If you do not have anything on the above list they will be provided. All therapy balls, mats and equipment will be sanitized for your usage.
  • 24 hour cancelation policy will be required
  • Masks will be required