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Missy Gallow

Missy Gallow , PT, DPT

After having twins – Dr. Missy developed a passion for bridging the gap between pelvic health and the world of orthopedics and chronic pain. Believing in integrating all of the body systems into her treatment sessions. She has learned that the musculoskeletal system is vastly intertwined with other body systems (i.e. gut, lymphatic system). She believes that chronic pain is not just a physical health problem – but a WHOLE body problem, including emotional and mental health. She strives to help her patients make lasting changes – not just for their body but for their life.

She has continued her pelvic health education with numerous courses focusing on pregnant and postpartum health. She is dedicated to educating women about the changes that occur during pregnancy and common postpartum patterns that have a lasting effect on a women’s body.

Dr. Missy is working hard to bridge the gap in 4th trimester care and getting women the knowledge they need to have an optimal birth and avoid chronic pain throughout their lifespan. She utilizes manual techniques and dry needling to address pain and focuses on rebuilding the “mind-body” connection. Effectively continuing on to rebuild strength, stability and mobility in the body for overall function. Her hope is that every woman will have the resources they need early on to avoid chronic pain throughout their postpartum years.​

“Once you are postpartum, you are always postpartum.”​

Dr. Gallow started her career after graduating from Ohio University with her Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology. She then continued on to the University of Dayton for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012.