Our Team

Mary Allyson McGinnis

Mary Allyson Martin , Patient Care Coordinator

Mary Allyson has always had a passion for wellness and fitness since her own health problems arose during her time at college. Exercise and learning how to eat to fuel her body properly helped her issues tremendously. She finds joy in helping others to become their healthiest, happiest, and best self as she puts relationships first! Fitness Matters stood out to her as they have the most elite quality of care for patients from the moment a patient walks through their door. 

Mary Allyson graduated from Belmont University with a B.B.A. of Music Business in 2018. Since then she has cared for others as an Employee Wellness Coordinator in Atlanta, as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in Charleston, and now as a Patient Care Coordinator at Fitness Matters. She loves interacting with patients and making them feel welcome and cared for!