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John Brown

John Brown , DPT

I am a Dr. of Physical Therapy by profession and an avid life enthusiast outside of work. I am always searching for a new challenge, adventure, and experience along the way.

After college while applying for PT school, I was searching for an activity that would get my competitive juices flowing and found endurance running and events as that platform. Once I started training, competing, and sharing my passion with many others, I absolutely fell in love with endurance athletics and the community itself. Over time, my body began to break down from improper form, technique, inadequate strengthening, and of course, poorly planned training. Over the course of 3-5 years, I have sustained multiple injuries with aches and pains along the way. Through these injuries, I have dedicated my time towards injury prevention, long term wellness, and corrective movement patterns. I currently perform manual (hands on) treatment through the use of joint mobilizations, active release, and IASTM followed by corrective exercise to fix inefficient movement patterns. I look forward assisting you along the way in your vision of a healthy and active lifestyle. Cheers!